Hello, hello.

I always get really excited about fresh starts. New notebooks, beginning of the school year, overdue haircuts– all that jazz. This blog is a fresh start of sorts.

Now, there was nothing wrong with my old blog except me. I didn’t update it regularly enough for it to count for a whole lot, other than the fact that I enjoyed it. In the past couple of days I’ve convinced myself that getting a fresh start, ever my escape hatch, will help me get back into the groove of things.

No more excuses. If something needs doing, it gets done. *

So, this is the breaking of a bottle of bubbly on this ship.

New format, new work ethic, new name.

Because nothing shows off a reinvention quite like a new stage name.

In honor of that, I thought we might review the potential new nicknames/things I’ve been called recently. Could be a good time.

Girl in the pink hat: This gem came from two observant, if not very creative, young men when I was walking home one night. I didn’t have the heart to tell them that my hat, which, after losing all of my other wooly headgear, I had bought that day, was actually more of a coral. Still, articles of clothing often define a person.

Feel free to write a song about me.

Moral compass: This one was actually really sweet, and not just because it was my dad who said it. My parents visited last week and were giving me a bit of a pep talk over the phone a few days before their flight over. Don’t know how it really works as a nickname, but it’s definitely one I’ve never gotten before and it sticks out.

Brave woman: It’s an adjective off from being the compliment a gentleman would have to give me in order for me to drag him to the chapel, but since this one came from my professor, that’s probably for the best. But you heard it here first, ladies and gents. I am a brave woman. The test of my mettle was not something so trivial as slaying the Nemean Lion or wearing a Yankees cap in Boston. Oh, no. The thing that will have my likeness immortalized in the stars was my willingness to refill my water bottle at the communal tap. Look on my Ballygowan, ye Mighty, and despair!

I’ll bat these around and see if any are worth getting tattooed on my upper arm. Until then, though, I declare this blog officially open.

My old blog, if you care to check out my first year-ish’s worth of blogging.

*This might seem a bit silly coming from a girl who has an essay due in a week and is still going to visit a friend in Poland for the weekend, but I am bringing my work with me.


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