Getting back in the groove.

My essays for the year are all in, and I have just over two weeks to really study for exams. I mean it this time. When that exam for The Book (a.k.a. “The Liz Lemon Party” because that business is mandatory), I will have a damn near encyclopedic knowledge of Nineteenth Century serialized publications, and the evolution of copyright laws. Yep.

But enough of this nonsense. I’m bringing back the old Follower Love-Fest. It’s exactly what it sounds like, folks. At the end of every entry, I do a little blurby-thang about one of my followers because I think they’re all pretty super. This post is just going to be reposting all of the ones I’ve done to date. So, if you’re looking for a few good blogs, this is where I’d tell you to start. Let’s take a trip down Memory Lane.



Tricia is the babe behind Stop the world, I wanna get on!. When she’s not being a professional sexpot, Tricia is bringing the world of fantastical world of polar bear cork boards, beautiful nail polishes, and the bleu cheese crisis in Lithuania. One of those might not be entirely true. What I’m trying to say is that Tricia is the bee’s knees.
I’ll be honest, I don’t know a whole lot about the saint vitus blogger, but what I do know is enough. She makes delicious-looking (and, I’m sure, -tasting) pies and is shares my talent for chronically destroying the elbows of sweaters. She is also a brilliant artist who creates images combining gorgeous lines and startling attention to detail.
Follower Love Fest #3: Lillian Boren
What can I say about Lillian? More importantly, what can’t I say? She knits the the best fake stoles this side of the International Date Line. She is a really talented gal. Not just a master in the art of wielding big fucking needles, she has fabulous hair, a contagious smile, and enough cardigans to start a family/kill a horse/sell water to a drowning man. And the wit on her. I’ve gotten many a dirty look in the library while trying to hold in teh lulz that she provokes in her entries at L is for Lillian. You should head there while supplies last!
After a short break–during which she was missed immensely–this lovely lady is back to blogging at Lovely as a Car.ous.ill. Whether it’s hilarious YouTube videos, new music, or photos from her daily goings-ons, no entry comes without a smile for the reader. She is also a girl who understands the magic and importance of sparkly nail polish. That counts as a virtue way more than Patience does. If you’re in the mood to salivate madly, then her food blog, edu.plate, is for you. 😀
Katrin is the bilingual babe behind reizende Rundungen. Hell, she might speak more languages because she’s that great, but I just don’t know. She has a seemingly endless army of cute clothes, especially dresses, but that’s not the only reason I love this girl. It also has nothing to do with her glorious hair, or the fact that she got a kiss from Beth Ditto. These thing certainly don’t hurt, but it’s how her entries always make me smile. She’s is funny, and strong, and I want to high five her constantly
Okay, I’m going to be honest with you, kids. As with the first batch of lovely people, I can’t click through to this young lady’s profile. I hope she won’t consider it libel if I just make things up. KLH’s hair smells like fresh strawberries. She once made a cookie-pie big enough to feed all of the kindergardeners in her school district, and hand-delivered the slices to the twelve kids who were out sick with the chicken pox that day. Professor Utonium is her real dad.
Okay, I’m pretty sure that this whole not-being-able-to-click-through-to-profiles problem comes from my own poor understanding of technology. Every time this happens, I’m just going to make up things about my beautiful readers. And then I’ll have to go to confession for lying. Or something.
Chelsey and I met on a cruise to Barbados. Originally, the trip was meant to have gone to Alaska, but there was a sudden tax on Bugles that year. The ship’s captain, a big fan of the salty treats, had quite a stock on board and refused to pay the tax on principle. So, we changed course. The two of us met while trading our jumpers for sundresses when we docked. We’ve been pals ever since.
Huzzah for a profile I can actually get to! Not that I need one, as I’ve been on this lovely laydeeee’s blog quite a few times, creeping like it’s going out of style. That wasn’t meant to be some kind of pun/joke thang because she writes a style blog, but there you go. It happened. All the same, I often want to kill her and steal her clothes and garden, but then there would be no more blog or Lodi and I would be very sad. Also, I’d be in jail, and I just couldn’t cut it in the clink. What I am getting at is that you should check her out. And marvel at her hair.
Follower Love-Fest #8: Tam Tran
Tam Tran is a master basket-weaver. This is no joke. After winning the Basket World Challenge from 1999-2009, she holds the record for consecutive awards in the international competition.
When not practicing her craft, Tran likes to take strolls on Saturn’s rings. She says that the rings smell like wood pulp and, thus, remind her of her childhood. She grew up a few doors down from a paper factory. She makes a mean beef stroganoff.
Min’s blog, Don’t Say Stuff Like That, is an eyegasm. Don’t look at me like that. It’s a delightful mix of film screencaps, fashion, fantasmagorical shoes, and sexy people. You don’t know it, but I took a ten second pause there to be distracted by the pictures of Tim Roth just chilling on the main page. Are you still here? I can’t for the life of me understand why.
Rich’s blog is the glorious Bittersweet. I don’t know where he gets all of these recipes and, quite frankly, I don’t care. Everything looks tasty and gives my baking-challenged self hope that I can make tasty treats without burning the house down or poisoning my loved ones. Plus, he’s a snarky dude, which I love. Hey, he says it himself, ‘Sugar and sarcasm.’ Always a winning combination.
Alegra’s blog, Dollface is Candysweet, is one of the first that I clicked the friendly little ‘Follow’ button on. It must be said, first and foremost, that she is a Grade A cutie-patootie, and I don’t mind saying so. Her closet is nothing short of enviable. Or is it her style? Hell, it’s probably both. Pluse, she’s funny as hale. Case and point: ‘i can also never leave the house without my primark denim shirt. it does to me what american apparel does to other people. it makes me think i’m cool.’ Did you laugh? Of course you did. Oh, and her DVD collection (it’s her background in most outfit posts) is worthy of some mouth-dropping, too.
I love the mystery of Z. One letter is all you need, and it’s just the right one when A-Y just won’t do. Z is, as his (her? I really don’t know.) picture will show, is a leather-clad warrior who is liable to take your ass down a peg or two if you so much as look at his Beanie Baby collection the wrong way.
Frannie is a great gal, it must be said. Our friendship is not entirely based on our mutual love for early Twentieth Century circuses, but it’s not hurt by it either. Whenever I visit her in Florida, we’re hella’ subversive in our avoidance of Disney. Instead, we reenact episodes of Dexter with the aid of food dye and voice-overs recorded on our trusty Talkgirls.
I actually love this girl and her blog, Bit Cat. She hasn’t updated since August, I know, and that makes me sad all day. Still, her posts are like sunshine. They are upbeat and tend to be picture-heavy, making them just my speed. Did you click through yet? If you did you will have noticed and remarked upon the glory of Susan’s hair and the adorability of her pets to your imaginary friend Saul. Oh, Saul, you so crazy.

Were it not for the fact that she does, I’d be convinced that Gazel is too cute to function. Her blog, Bonjour Gazel, is a dreamland of cute smiles and fantastic clothes. Not gonna’ lie, kids, I kind of want to be her. Or, at the very least, to live in the Narnia of her wardrobe. Just cardigans and blouses and ruby shoes all day. And, I know this might be creepy, but Mr. Waters would support me in saying that this girl has the most perfect mastery of lipstick in the history of lip rouging. Oh, and you should buy things (for me) from her.

Follower Love-Fest #17: Áine D

Áine here is a bit of special case because this lovely lady is one of the few followers I know in real life. We go to college together, but in different courses. Alas, we have fallen behind on seeing each other this year. My fault, I’ll be honest. I actually would have see her last night, but I wanted to stay home and work. Wait, this is not about me.
Áine has amazing hair. Don’t look at me that way. Her hair is always glossy and fabulous and fucking incorruptible. She also has the most amazing assortment of printed blouses and dresses. And some killer dance moves. I owe her endless pb&j’s just to repay her for existing in my world. Áine, you are my hero.
And there you have it, ladies and gents. Each of these lovelies is worth your time, so get to clicking.
I have to go see a man about an opium eater.

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