Sunny Side of the Street

Sometimes life is icky. I’m using “icky” here to cover everything from natural disasters to waking up and knocking your head on the bedside cabinet, so we’re being a little broad. It’s not most days that the stars align and everything falls into a neat montage of sunshiny vignettes, and that’s a-okay.

I’ve had a fair bit of ick in my day, but I do always try to find the good bits. Don’t misunderstand now–I’m no Pollyanna. Hell, if online personality tests, those last bastions of truth and enlightenment, are to be trusted, then I’m an avowed cynic with a penchant for melancholy. But I do try to keep sight of the good things so that when I’m really low, I can present them to myself and feel good all under.

Right now I’ve got myself a nice little collection that, despite my brooding disposition, have me feeling like everything’s coming up roses.

Summer Lovin’

Okay. Two musicals should be the limit for any one entry. Sadly, there are no charming anecdotes of a blossoming love (complete with heavy petting) to follow. Summer just has this ability to inspire optimism in people. It’s a bit hackneyed, but I like it fine. And I’m feeling pretty good about this one.

My exams end earlier than I thought they would, so this will be the first time in four years that I’m not taking an exam or beating coursework into my brain on my birthday.

I’ve gotten some not-rejection responses from a couple of potential internships. If I get the one that I really want–knock wood–then my heart will be full of gladness, my days full of poetry, and my nights full of babysitting my little cousins.

And, come Hell or high water, I am going to Bonnaroo. If it means that I’m making the fifteen-hour trip down by myself, so be it. I’m good company.

I am genuinely excited for my impending sunburns and long hours. Put me to good use, Summer!

“That’s ‘Madam Librarian’ to you, buster.”

Allow me to inflate my ego a bit. We recently had our election, and I will be next year’s Lit Soc Librarian. That means that all of next year, I get to sling tea and encourage people to read like it’s my job. Because it is my job. I’ve already gotten my swell on, cleaning the joint out, moving furniture, and cataloguing books. I also spent a night in our library to finish my week-late final essay get a feel for the place and get started on my duties. This year’s committee, much like last year’s, is full of some very competent, very motivated, very sexy people, so it’s going to be good. I think this also means that I get to request a birthday shopping-adventure.

I mean, a girl’s gotta’ look the part.

Josh Ritter

I don’t feel the need to go into detail about my love for this guy again. He was back in Dublin last weekend, so a group of us went, and it was a magical evening. Seriously, Mr. Ritter and the Royal City Band are extraordinarily talented and put on a great gig. We all had that kind of dreamy-sleepy-after-happy that comes from a good show. What I did not expect, and what wound up being the glorious cherry on top of sundae of wonders, was Josh staying an extra two-and-a-half hours after the show ended so that he could meet and talk to everyone who wanted to talk to him. With the six of us falling asleep on each other, I don’t know how he had the energy. But he did. And, more than that, he was just a lovely person. He greeted everyone with a smile, a hug, and an earnest interest in every person he came across. We all chatted, he signed my set list, and kind of reaffirmed my belief that people can just be kind to one another. Thank you, sir.

The aforementioned set list and some photos from the night because I can and I will:

I won’t overload you with my joy. The rest of my photos from the night are here.

Jeepers Creepers

Last week, I went to go the Insidious preview, which ended with a Q&A session with James Wan and Leigh Whannell. Of course, I was only able to go to this because I’m a complete waster who forgot that she was supposed to be going to the launch of a project several of her friends were involved it, but I am trying to accentuate the positive. The film itself was not my favorite. The night, though, was a lot of fun, the guys seemed really solid, and I left the place with a boss Zefron poster and the week’s article sorted.
Photo 7
Check my sweet poster, yo’.


This is vague and Hallmark-y, so let’s break it on down. I have a horrible tendency of taking my friends for granted, especially when I’m stressed. I haven’t been the best friend lately. To a lot of people. And that’s balls. No excuses–it’s just balls. Despite my general failings, though, my friends have been extra-good to me. Several have allowed me to whine, then offered a shoulder to moan on or a slap in the face, whichever the situation required. A couple of times, there have been unexpected texts, which lead to commiseration over our shared positions as chronic fuck-ups, or Photoshopped pictures of us in ridiculous costumes to bring teh lulz. Most recently (seriously, this was four hours ago), one of my oldest friends gave me her Netflix details so that I could soak up some Hey! Arnold instead of being afraid of the demons hiding in my apartment. Just stuff like that. Those times when I get into my whole “I am an iiiiiisland!” mess, these kids get my head right.

Did you think I was going to make some kind of awful archipelago metaphor? Honestly. It’s like you don’t know me at all.

So, now I want to know what you’ve been filing under “Good Stuff” lately. Share the wealth.

Follower Love-Fest #18: Andrea

Andrea is involved in several blogs, but the one I keep up with is her personal project, becoming a bear. For just over two years she has been chronicling her personal life with a frankness that is nothing short of admirable. Not just a lot of pretty words, though her words do have a beauty to them, Andrea’s blog has a life all its own, owing a lot to music links and gorgeous photos. Her posts are always interesting, though not always happy-go-lucky–and I like that. She really is worth checking out.


2 thoughts on “Sunny Side of the Street

  1. Wow, long post, where to begin! I have an urge to watch Peter O Toole movies now!

    Good luck with the internship applications by the way!

    • Yeah, it was a little on the longer side for me. Give into that urge and get to streaming right away–that’s an itch that demands scratching. And thank you!

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