The Age of Reason & Stellar Editing

Gone away, and come crawling back.
It’s what I do.
Here, spend some quality time with my ugly mug.

Correction: I said that my roommate sent me a Philip Ridley book, which is true, but it is the one in the video, not the one I brought with me to Tennessee. Accuracy is important.

Follower Love-Fest #21: Cézanne

Cézanne is the California transplant behind filleosophy. The young lady is no stranger to the funnybone, or at least not to repeatedly accessing those of her readers. “Frank” and “clever” feel a mite too standard-blog-description fare to attach to the young lady who had this fille choking on her sarsaparilla over the explanation of Pennsylvanian vs. Californian life. Click it.


13 thoughts on “The Age of Reason & Stellar Editing

      • You are lovely, but no, actually, not really….. I feel like I should, though, for the sake of being a true patriot. But no. Maybe maple syrup? But I’m going home in three weeks, so it’s not desperate. Btw when you back, son?

  1. I loved that you prefaced MFC by saying ‘You know I think there’s one thing I DIDN’T order from Amazon…’ DAMN STRAIGHT. I wanted to write a note, but was like FU, BITCH IT AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN. So I figured, Ah, who else would send her a Philip Ridley novel but me?

    (P.S. iamsoexcitedtofindoutwhatyouthinkthatican’tevenusethespacebar)


  2. Liz!!! I have just read and caught up on your blog after going into a minor depression over the realization that I really missed you and all your wonderful quirks and awesomeness. Awesome blog my International Lady of the Night ❤ Keep in touchies? ok maybe an e-mail from time to time or a letter =)

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