Pucker Up, Hubba Hubba, and the Rest

Today is International Kissing Day, folks. Who knew?

I have never needed much encouragement to celebrate, well, anything, so this little holiday is right up my alley. Until midnight, I am free to make uncomfortable advances and attempts at “come hither” stares at all those foolish enough to cross me today.

But really.
Kissing is nice.
And I like that, as silly as it is, there is a day dedicated to it.

This is where the post devolves into videos of people kissing. If you don’t like it, then tough titty. You turn that frown upside-down and get in the spirit of the day, or I’ve a tube of Lip Smackers with your name on it.

Pictured: Keeping it classic.

To be fair, I’ll alternate great and awful kisses.

This exercise has taught me that I find most on-screen kisses laughably unsexy, and that I should never attempt to find things on YouTube unless I want to post endless fan videos.

International Kissing Day is a day of learning.

Follower Love-Fest #22: Marion
Marion’s the gal we can thank for Sass Bombs*. She’s smart, she wears pink, and she’s sassy. I don’t really know what else you could want. Also, she’s just back from her own dry spell of posting, and promises to have a few waiting in the wings. Get ready.
*I cannot verify if she is, in fact, from Mars.


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