Hello, New Year

Everyone ought to be fully recovered from their New Year’s hangovers by now. Seek medial attention if you’re not.

Welcome to 2012! This year we’re all going to be better people who drink more water and go to bed at a reasonable hour. Or, at least, I assume you all are. I set more realistic goals for myself.  2012 is the year that I finish more than fifty percent of the things I start. Also, I should drink more water.

Starting now with a fresh glass of agua and a post I meant to share around Christmas.

 How to Fail at Being a Crafty Internet Person

1. See a cute craft-thing that you would like to give loved ones. Bonus points if you already have most of the supplies because, let’s be real, you give homemade gifts because you have enough empty space in your wallet to build condos in it.

2. Do not read or save the instructions. Instructions are like recipes: boring and for nerdsters.

3. Get your supplies together and put them on the table that your mom used to spray paint your ballet shoes for recitals. Make sure you have your camera because nothing you do matters if people online can’t see pictures of it.


4. Do what you assume the instructions would have said if you weren’t too busy dancing around your room to the same music you liked when you were thirteen in clothes you’ve had since that age getting a milkshake with that hunky daddy-o from the wrong side of town.

5. Fail. Miserably.

6. Get annoyed and buy a lunch fit for royalty. Make sure you still take pictures.

7. Fail to finish your lunch because there is only one of you. Start watching that series you bought your dad last year. Continue to document your life: you are really interesting.

8. Lovingly craft something you already knew how to make.

Follower Love-Fest #26: Sharon

The gorgeous Sharon is a superior human being, and one that I am overjoyed to have in my life. Her blog, Animalizard, will make you feel more intelligent and appreciative of the beauty in the world in a matter of minutes. The lady knows words and the lady knows beauty. I really recommend starting your year off with a lovely, meandering visit to her site. P.S. Her hair is fantastic.


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