Resolute (and a tooty-toot-toot)

I find that I am always a better blogger when I’m trying to write my essays. At least working around my notes keeps me on that rather weak resolution track. Let’s have another post that should’ve been up a long time ago.

For the first time in about four years, I openly shared my writing with a big ol’ group of people when I was lucky enough to be published in Icarus, one of the literary publications in college. It was a big honor to be featured with so many talented people. It’s also an absolutely gorgeous publication that is well worth a gander and a bit of your love.

The newest installment of Liz Gets Literary (yeah, no better name revealed itself to me in an opium dream) is my published piece. I’m not sure that I’m getting much better at this and I’m confident that my very attractive cold doesn’t help, but here we go again.

And this time, we’ve a blooper reel for your troubles.

Follower Love-Fest #27: Declan

We’re now getting into “Just People I Know” territory, so don’t be alarmed when I gush about the next few people. Declan writes some very well-researched and opinionated articles with the good people over at Bits ‘n Bites Gaming. Even when I don’t know the games and consoles being covered, I know the dude’s up to big things because of all the heat he gets from angry neckbeards: haters gonna’ hate. Go over there and check it out. Twenty-seven’s a lucky number, y’know.


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