I returned from a Reading Week trip to Bath a woman broken by the sunshine and general loveliness of said city. But now that I’m back and the all the giveaway entries are in, I will do the drawing tonight and make a video of it so you all know that it’s on the level. Until then, let’s do a quick post. And it’s not even going to be about Bath. This time.

You know when you have an idea and you sit on it for a while, only to find out that somebody else has already done it, and you get really angry? Well, this isn’t about that.

I’ve always loved roadside memorials–on telephone poles, on fences, on their own–and thought about doing a little project documenting them. Technically they’re vandalism, but you’d be hard-pressed to find a town council cold enough to remove these highly personal tributes to people lost in accidents. Even if you don’t know the person for whom a memorial is made, they earn your immediate reverence and respect, both for the person lost and the people who loved them enough to honor their memory in this way.

Since it was unlikely that I would ever do anything with the idea, I was overjoyed to hear that somebody else did. Phillip March Jones has compiled his series of Polaroids of roadside memorials in his book Points of Departure: Roadside Memorial Polaroids. It was only published by The Jargon Society this January, so I’m still working on securing a copy for myself. That said, it is a beautiful project and I’m really looking forward to getting my grimy little hands on it. Check out the video with music by the ever-amazing Ben Sollee for a preview:


Follower Love-Fest #28 : Dee Wallace

“Dee Wallace” might not be the actual name of “She” from the What She Said blog, as it is only the result of some shoddy detective work on my part. Whatever her name is, she is roughly 462.91% cooler than I am. She’s got style, delicious sandwiches, and some strong opinions, making her a pretty great lady for you to check out today, it being International Women’s Day and all.



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