How Samson Got His Groove Back

I had to do a presentation in class today on Samson Agonistes, which is well worth the read. You might not have gotten that impression last night, however, if you accompanied my housemate in watching me flail around and scream like a petulant child who has only just learned what the phrase, “I don’t wanna’,” means and is applying it to her whole life. Seriously, Éadaoín is a saint.

One of my many exercises in procrastination (somewhere between cleaning my room, making pasta that looks like Ron Swanson’s moustache, and triple-checking if my laundry was dry yet) I made a Samson Agonistes playlist. I’d play around with Spotify, but it’s not launched in Ireland yet. Oops. YouTube videos it is.

How Samson Got His Groove Back Playlist

1. Hard Headed Woman – Elvis Presley

2. I’d Rather Go Blind – Etta James

3. Strong as Samson – Procul Harum

4. Blinded by the Light – Manfred Mann

5. Sister Golden Hair – America

6. Restless Sinner – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

7. Take ‘Em Away – Old Crow Medecine Show

Throwing in a bit of David Wax Museum because I mentioned a quijada in my presentation and I think people thought I was making up words again.

Also, anyone who can guess why there are seven songs gets a prize. Like a candybar or something.
Hint: It’s not the Seven Deadly Sins.

You can read all of Samson Agonistes online courtesy of Dartmouth College if you click here.

Edit: I swapped Regina Spektor’s Samson for Sister Golden Hair because I don’t want to be that kid.

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