Pretty Sweet Publication Giveaway

Time for another giveaway, and I think that title is as snappy as a Golden Girl.

“But why?”
So glad you asked. Trinity loves putting out publications, which is great because its student body loves reading and getting involved with them. This year in particular it seemed like you couldn’t trip up the stairs on your way to class without falling in a loving nest of printed glory. I want to spread the love. One could argue that I’m hyping the quality of these student-run publications up because even the ones I’m not involved with have a handful of folks I know and adore working hard on them; I would argue that, while I am filled with feels every time I flick through one of these delights, I’d still praise them to the heavens because they’re just that good. Now, as good of a hoarder as I am, I wasn’t able to grab extra copies of everything, let alone hold onto them all through the year, but the winner of this giveaway will make off with a decent haul.

The Prize
Let’s try going clockwise.

Siren is new to Trinity this year, started by a vivacious collection of ladies and gentlemen. It’s dedicated to issues of gender equality and those that especially impact the LGBTQ community, featuring articles on politics, social change, art, music, humor, Gilligan, the Skipper, too–you get it. It launched in March to coincide with International Women’s Day and is up for won The Smedia People’s Choice Award for Magazine of the Year.

The Attic is the Literary Society’s annual publication of students’ creative writing. I willingly admit my affection for this little guy because he is made of the snakes, snails, puppydog tails, sugar, spice, and everything nice from the members of this year’s outgoing committee, not to mention all of the talented writers who made it possible. I will never admit, however, the exact measurements of all of those ingredients. For tax purposes.

The Histories & Humanities Journal contains more historical knowledge than any of us probably gained in high school, and it’s more stylish than we were, too. I know less that nothing about most of the topics covered, but the contributors and staff worked together to create a journal that is as well-written as it is accessible. History-Nerds everywhere, rejoice!

The Looking Glass is another publication that is new this year that focuses on writing for children, coupled with some very colorful artwork. Age barriers are not a problem here: the work by new and aspiring writers is the perfect thing to snuggle up with before bedtime, whether you’re reading to someone else or alone.

Trinity Literary Review is also brandy-new: it came out two weeks ago. Well, what did you think was going to happen when you put a lot of go-getter types in one place? Much like the HHJ, it focuses on the critical writing by students and members of staff alike. If you’re sick of critics writing like they’re better than you, read some analytical pieces by folks who are on your level and know it.

Icarus is last, though I’m not sure if curving inward coincides with any clock I’ve ever used. This literary journal by writers from Trinity and beyond comes out three times a year, so take a moment to appreciate how many nights of sleep are lost over it. Extra-impressive is the piece written just for the second issue by guest contributor Michael Longley. This baby is, in competition with Siren for the Smedia competition, also looks damn good on a your bookshelf.

Now that I’ve got you going, here’s how to win.

The Rules

-On this blog: Share with me a book, story, poem, article–something you read and loved recently–in the comments of this post.
-On Tumblr: Reblog the giveaway post or send me a message with the same.
-On Twitter: Tweet it at me.
-Only one entry per person, per social media site. That means each person can have a maximum of three entries.
-Giveaway closes at Midnight GMT, May 15th, 2012.
-The winner will be picked at random, but I’ll use a different hat from last time. (I have many silly hats.) The more times you enter, the more likely you are to win.
-The winner will be contacted and asked for a mailing address within a few days of the drawing.


10 thoughts on “Pretty Sweet Publication Giveaway

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  3. Well, recently I’m reading and love so much 1Q84 by Murakami…in some points it’s little bit cruel and violent for me, but on the whole I love the story, love that imaginally created world where the characters live (yep, it’s not like YA , and not a fairytale :)) I love that when I SHOULD use my imagination to complete the story or to be able to follow the parallel storylines:) As this book has it!

    Let me say that I like reading contemporary writes as well, so I’m excited to have a look in those pretties!
    Actually I just wanted to refer a great story (not in the giveaway stuff as I live Europe :))

    • Thank you for sharing–I’ve been meaning to read that for a while now. By the way, you’re totally entered in the giveaway (if you want to be), since I’ll send the prizes anywhere, and I’m based in Ireland myself.

      • 🙂 ok, so then sparkly thanks for your generosity and I’d like to be in the draw 🙂
        never been there…last year I spent more than a whole month between Wales and England 🙂
        but my boyfriend’s sister and her husband live there, in Ireland now with a pretty little baby 🙂
        (just to say)

  4. The last great thing I read is actually a thing I first read years ago and revisit a lot when I’m feeling especially nostalgic for something I never actually experienced myself: Please Kill Me, which is a book on the dirty dirty birth of punk rock.

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  6. Really enjoyed this post – I think it’s wonderful that TCD has such a flourishing variety of student publications and is a testament to the obvious commitment and creativity of every who contributes to their making. They all sound wonderful, but The Looking Glass in particular as I believe that anyone who has the ability to sustain the attention of children with words and pictures alone has a very special gift.

    I’m currently racing through a novel by M J Hyland called “How the Light gets in” which I read a favourable review of and bought on the off-chance that I’d enjoy it. I can hardly bear to put it down! It’s quite a in-depth plot idea so I’ll let you read the synopsis for yourself if you want to but I most definitely recommend it. Another piece I’ve loved reading and re-reading recently is very different to the first and I came across it in Owen Sheer’s poetry compilation “A Poet’s Guide to Britain” and is a poem called “Seeing the Sea” by Menna Elfyn which speaks of the utter elation of seeing the sea – as the title suggests. It is too long to reproduce here, but the first line “To be the first to see the sea/is the closest we may ever come/to open-eyed discovery” is a truth so beautifully expressed.

    Have tweeted the entry @ you too!

    Alexandra xx

    • I’m going to do announce the winner later today. If you’d like, I can put you in contact with the editors of The Looking Glass–I’m sure they’d be more than happy to post along an extra copy to you. They’re doing the same for me so that I can give them to my little cousins. :]

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