Walking on Starshine

Sending the giveaway package kickstarted my letter-writing mode for this summer and beyond. The first batch went out today, so be on the look-out for these bad boys.


They’re star trail photos I found while cleaning out the Lit Soc library at the end of last year. Trinity Astronomy and Space Society, I didn’t know you had ever existed. Thank you for forgetting about leaving behind some of your lovely work.

Follower Love-Fest #30: Emily

If you don’t mind my saying so, and I hope you don’t, Emily is fanfuckingtastic. We met when I was fifteen and guilty of all the crimes that age entails. Being older, wiser, and inestimably cooler than myself (all things that are still true seven years on), she is somebody that I know I am lucky to have had in my life. She writes awesome things, makes gorgeous art, and is one of the best dressers I have ever encountered. Go to her blog already.


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