Because Homesickness Is Complicated

Had I the Choice

Had I the choice to tally greatest bards,
To limn their portraits, stately, beautiful, and emulate at will,
Homer with all his wars and warriors—Hector, Achilles, Ajax,
Or Shakspere's woe-entangled Hamlet, Lear, Othello—Tenny-
son's fair ladies,

Metre or wit the best, or choice conceit to wield in perfect
rhyme, delight of singers;

These, these, O sea, all these I'd gladly barter,
Would you the undulation of one wave, its trick to me transfer,
Or breathe one breath of yours upon my verse,
And leave its odor there.

-Walt Whitman






Carry Me Back

Carry me back to old Virginia.
      Magnolia blossoms fill the air.
Carry me back to old Virginia:
      the only way you'll get me there.

Waring Cuney

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