Rally for Malcolm

I started working for Lush Cosmetics almost a year ago, a little after I moved home from college. Long before I put on the apron, I was a customer in love with a company dedicated to making people’s days and the world a generally brighter, more beautiful place in the process.  If you’re not familiar with the company, there’s plenty of information all over everywhere, but before you get into the endless YouTube videos about products, do me a favor and buy a stamp.

One of Lush’s own has a young son named Malcolm who was recently diagnosed with brain cancer. It’s a lot for anyone to handle, but certainly a Snorlax (Malcolm loves Pokemon!) of a weight on the little guy’s shoulders, as well as those of his two older sisters, Macy and Dara. A call went out within the back rooms and emails of Lush to send postcards and good vibrations to the Coulter Clan, and it’s being answered beautifully. But I know everyone has a little bit of kindness to put in an envelope, so if you want to get involved, email me for the Coulter’s address.

Anyone looking to donate monetarily or just send some cute cat videos along to the Coulters, can check out Malcolm’s website and Facebook page.

Below is the playlist for the CD of shimmy-shaking-happy tunes I made for the kids to get your own shimmy-shaking-happy juices going.


2 thoughts on “Rally for Malcolm

  1. My postcard shall be winging its way to British Columbia all the way from Greece this afternoon!

    (Also, the post office in this town doubles as a café/bar. Is that not wonderful?)

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