How to Tell If Someone Had a Lonely Childhood: A Guide

Reading people can be difficult. Shelves upon shelves in bookstores are dedicated to the fine art of understanding those around you, but I’m going to give you an edge for free.



Because I Can’t Use Vine Properly

While trying to wait out the rain in my car, a lovely thing happened.
I hope your weekends are off to equally pleasant starts.

Sparking Up Again

WordPress reminded me yesterday that we had hit our two-year anniversary. I’d forgotten to buy flowers or even a card to commemorate one of the longest relationships I’ve had with just about anything, save a few t-shirts to which I am particularly attached. I’ve let this love fall by the wayside, lost that spark due to a routine of work and social commitments and the odd run at Netflix, but no more. In order to form a more perfect union make sure that I keep up my end of the partnership, I’ve even finished a project that I’d been working for a while. Good people, I give you my writing blog.

Sure, it’s only just getting its sea legs, but it’ll get there. Even if you don’t visit–or do and hate everything, then decide to terminate all contact with me–it does mean that I can finally hand out these business cards without ending a sentence with the phrase, “down for maintenance.”


Here’s to another year of not being able to put our arms down.

Whether or not you celebrate Christmas, you’re reading this, so you’re stuck with a holiday music post. I’m only now finishing up on churning out the mix CDs my friends will be saddled with this year for Baby Jesus’s Very Merry Unbirthday, and I don’t want you feeling left out or anything. We’ll get this first one out of the way to prep you for spending tomorrow with your loved ones.

And Festivus was yesterday, so save you grievances.