Ultimate Last-Minute Gift Guide

No, they won’t arrive in time to be opened on Christmas morning, but these thoughtful little nuggets of cheer will ensure that you’ll never have to worry about giving gifts again. Prepare to outdo yourself. 1. Coal Has somebody been naughty? Coal. Old flame back in town? Coal. Artist who needs to get back to basics? Coal. Fair-weather […]

(Ar)Tuesday II

I might start doing these on a schedule or just keep it a surprise, but at least you’ll know on which day you should look. Links to all of the artists’ websites, if available, are in their names.

(Ar)Tuesday Night

As mentioned on my writing blog, I do occasionally use things as they were intended. I don’t know if it’s summer getting people’s blood a-moving, but my Tumblr feed has been swelling over with beautiful art lately, and I just wanted to share a little to help you get through this muggy, soggy week.