Hooked on a Feeling

I’ve got that finally-did-laundry-because-all-of-my-clothes-were-dirty-and-I-kept-putting-it-off-to-study-for-my-exam-but-now-I-have-taken-it-and-can-be-human-again good feeling. While I wait for my clothes to dry, let’s have us a blog post. And a little something to set the mood, complete with interesting visual choices.

Spring Fever

I know that “spring fever” has several meanings, but it has always been in my mind that this means that flowers and sunshine make everyone and everything want to do it. That’s what WikiPedia lists first, so I’m going to call that a win for me and move on. Depending on the hemisphere you’re in, […]

Resolute (and a tooty-toot-toot)

I find that I am always a better blogger when I’m trying to write my essays. At least working around my notes keeps me on that rather weak resolution track. Let’s have another post that should’ve been up a long time ago. For the first time in about four years, I openly shared my writing […]

A doozy, but there’s a video at the end.

I said that I’d give an update on what’s going on with me and, for better or worse, I’m a girl of my word. It certainly helps that things are looking up at the time of this report, not that they were ever looking too far down. College life is back on at full steam, […]