We go together like sugar cookies and Bob Dylan.

I am minutes from catching the bus to town in order to attend the last class of my college career. Inspired by these cookies, whose biting humor is directed at a certain kind of person, I decided to revive the elementary school tradition of bringing baked goods in on your birthday and the last day […]

How Samson Got His Groove Back

I had to do a presentation in class today on Samson Agonistes, which is well worth the read. You might not have gotten that impression last night, however, if you accompanied my housemate in watching me flail around and scream like a petulant child who has only just learned what the phrase, “I don’t wanna’,” […]

Resolute (and a tooty-toot-toot)

I find that I am always a better blogger when I’m trying to write my essays. At least working around my notes keeps me on that rather weak resolution track. Let’s have another post that should’ve been up a long time ago. For the first time in about four years, I openly shared my writing […]

A doozy, but there’s a video at the end.

I said that I’d give an update on what’s going on with me and, for better or worse, I’m a girl of my word. It certainly helps that things are looking up at the time of this report, not that they were ever looking too far down. College life is back on at full steam, […]

Sunny Side of the Street

Sometimes life is icky. I’m using “icky” here to cover everything from natural disasters to waking up and knocking your head on the bedside cabinet, so we’re being a little broad. It’s not most days that the stars align and everything falls into a neat montage of sunshiny vignettes, and that’s a-okay. I’ve had a […]