InterRambling: Sweet, Sweet Tampere

It’s been a long time coming, so let’s talk about Tampere. If it were possible, I would get Will Ferrel’s James Lipton on the line to call this little city two hours(ish) northwest of Helsinki to say, “You are a delight,” over and over again–there is no world in which the actual James Lipton would […]

InterRambling: Happy (Capital-)Birthday, Helsinki!

The first stop on my trip was Helsinki, which was celebrating its two-hundredth year as Finland’s capital. That meant festivals and street fairs all over the place. I was lucky enough to run into the lovely Anna, a local lady and fellow Trinity student, who endured my head-lolling and snoozing throughout the plane journey, and […]

Rambling Reads No. One: A Stroll with Moomintroll

Since I can’t tell you about what I’m doing, I thought I’d have a crack at telling you about what I’m reading. Only the things I really dig, though. You might wind up loving the stuff I just find okay if you read it, but I’d rather give glowing responses than get bogged down with […]


Coming out you live from sunny (but chilly Tampere). For the next month I’m doing that travel-and-get-to-know-yourself thing. I think I already know myself pretty well, but what I didn’t know is that my two favorite things to do on vacation appear to be walking up hills and inventing new nonsense curse words to mutter […]