Pretty Sweet Publication Giveaway Winner

Since I finished my degree last, I’ve had a lot of free time. While most of it has been spent reading Cures for Love as a signal for people to leave me alone while I eat my lunch and fighting losing battles with a certain embassy, some of it has been dedicated to rounding up […]

Hooked on a Feeling

I’ve got that finally-did-laundry-because-all-of-my-clothes-were-dirty-and-I-kept-putting-it-off-to-study-for-my-exam-but-now-I-have-taken-it-and-can-be-human-again good feeling. While I wait for my clothes to dry, let’s have us a blog post. And a little something to set the mood, complete with interesting visual choices.

Spring Fever

I know that “spring fever” has several meanings, but it has always been in my mind that this means that flowers and sunshine make everyone and everything want to do it. That’s what WikiPedia lists first, so I’m going to call that a win for me and move on. Depending on the hemisphere you’re in, […]

Pretty Sweet Publication Giveaway

Time for another giveaway, and I think that title is as snappy as a Golden Girl. “But why?” So glad you asked. Trinity loves putting out publications, which is great because its student body loves reading and getting involved with them. This year in particular it seemed like you couldn’t trip up the stairs on […]

Pushing Paper

I hate paperwork: always have, always will. It’s tedious, redundant, and can mess up your whole damn life if it’s done incorrectly, making it time-consuming as anything on top of everything else. In all fairness, I probably wouldn’t loathe it as much as I do if I hadn’t encountered so much of it in my […]

“And the Oscar goes to…”

…Liz for A Silly Drawing Video She Made in Between Studying Blocks. No, but really. I just did the drawing and am happy to announce the winner of Liz’s Logophile Giveaway.   It is the golden-headed-love-brother-of-all-my-heartstrings, Jacob. His word was microcosm. Maybe when he’s not too busy being wonderful I can get him to talk […]


I returned from a Reading Week trip to Bath a woman broken by the sunshine and general loveliness of said city. But now that I’m back and the all the giveaway entries are in, I will do the drawing tonight and make a video of it so you all know that it’s on the level. Until then, […]