How Samson Got His Groove Back

I had to do a presentation in class today on Samson Agonistes, which is well worth the read. You might not have gotten that impression last night, however, if you accompanied my housemate in watching me flail around and scream like a petulant child who has only just learned what the phrase, “I don’t wanna’,” […]

A doozy, but there’s a video at the end.

I said that I’d give an update on what’s going on with me and, for better or worse, I’m a girl of my word. It certainly helps that things are looking up at the time of this report, not that they were ever looking too far down. College life is back on at full steam, […]

“She’ll be very popular in Kindergarten.”

And the Prodigal Blogger returns. Back at school. Life is moving in about fifteen thousand directions at once, and I like it. There will be a status report, but that is not for today. You might remember that I was writing songs this summer. Well, I half-converted one into a concept for a picture book […]

So, a girl limps into a bar and says to the bartender,

“A girl can only watch 8 Heads in a Duffel Bag so many times in one week.” Wait. Backtrack. Yesterday, being the very graceful Gentle Snowflake that I am, I missed a step at the dentist’s office and busted my bad ankle, so I’ve been housebound with limited mobility all day. And I’ve watched that […]